ALTM Distribution company is the manufacturer high hygienic of hairnets with aesthetic quality.

Invisible hair net

Invisible Hair Net

Strict hygiene:

Present on the North American markets for over 10 years, we meet the highest standards of hygiene. Our hair nets are packaged in individual sachets to ensure cleanliness. Learn more about the characteristics of our hairnets, here.


Our hair nets are virtually invisible and allow users who are in contact with the customer to maintain a good presentation. They adapt very well to long hair. See our demonstration video, here.

Very competitive prices !

Based in Paris, our production site built in Turkey meets the most stringent hygiene requirements for both Canada and the United States. We offer very attractive rates.

Our hair nets in their packaging

ALTM hair nets are packaged in individual sachets for optimum hygiene. They can be arranged in our modern and effective plexiglas wall dispenser.

Each pack contains 10 boxes of 100 hairnets.

Hairnet and case distributor

Hairnet and case distributor